Fisherbrand™ MaximaDry™ Oil-Free Vacuum Pumps, Two Stage

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Clean, reliable, oil-free vacuum pumps are ideal for medium boling point rotary evaporation and distillation, gel drying, and small vacuum ovens (<0.5 cu.ft.).

Manufacturer Name - KNF NEUBERGER INC
Manufacturer Code - PU1315


Quiet, reliable operation without the hazards of handling pump oil or contaminated water. Excellent replacement for rotary vane pumps and water aspirators, especially in applications where chemical vapors are encountered.

  • Withstands aggressive gases and vapors — can be used with aggressive solvents without the risk of damaging the pump
  • Single-piece PTFE coated diaphragm and molded PTFE pumpheads provide chemical resistance
  • High-flow, multiport valves are made from tough FFPM fluoropolymer to withstand pumping heavy solvent vapors and liquid condensate without a loss in performance
  • Fan-cooled (TEFC) motor is rated for continuous operation and never needs lubrication
  • Compact design fits easily on a benchtop or in a fume hood
  • Setup and disassembly are quick and easy and do not require any special tools
  • Available in either 115V/60Hz or 230V/50Hz


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Product NameFisherbrand™ MaximaDry™ Oil-Free Vacuum Pumps, Two Stage
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