Myfisherstore ContactForms

1. How long does it typically take for an account to be verified / activated ?

  • It takes about 1-2 days working days to have your account verified/activated. If you have issues accessing your account after 2 days, contact us via email or contact form. Kindly list down your company name, name and email address for us to check for you. 
2. How can I view product details & pricings? / Why am I unable to view product details & pricings? 
  • Only verified/activated accounts will be able to view & order products. 
3. Are there additional cost(s) for hazardous goods?
  • Yes, additional cost are excluded from our portal & will be advised separately.
4. I have questions. How can I reach you?
  • Email to or Alternatively, please feel free to call: +60 3-5122 8888
5. What is the lead time for the products? 
  • Based on Prefixes, Please refer to Guidelines HERE
6. What are the best browsers to use for MyFisherStore? 
  • MyFisherStore is most compatible with Mozilla Firefox & Google Chrome.